KYRIAKI aka Katie Chonacas presents for the very first time, Legendary NFT Fashion at OC Fashion Week® HAUTECH: THE WORLD OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY

The fashion industry is one that has traditionally been averse to change. The industry is typically slow to adopt new technologies and methods, but the blockchain and Web 3.0 have changed that.

Katie “Kyriaki” Chonacas, TV, Film & Voice actor, and motivational speaker, presents a legendary event with education in Web3 and NFT Fashion in collaboration with OC Fashion Week®. The event will take place at the new Terminus Escape in Anaheim on Thursday, September 8.

Orange County Fashion Week® is a global organization dedicated to international fashion trade and commerce that will be bringing together the best Web2 local designers and brands this year with the fiery twist of NFT Fashion and Web3 Education that will be curated by Kyriaki.

Kyriaki started out as a fashion model when she was a teenager and attended the annual New York Fashion Week sitting in the front rows and eventually ventured to Paris Fashion Week..

DIGITAL FASHION LAB will present International collections by Fashionistas of Monte Carlo. Join us for an incredible cyber night of innovation, fashion design and the future. California held @TerminusEscapeRoom the newest VR Arcade in Southern California based in Anaheim by Terminus Entertainment and Cleanbox.

The event will be sponsored by well-known fashion companies, and it will feature a stellar lineup of Web3 speakers like Karen Fishof, a contemporary artist with her famous photograms and the founder of GoofBalls NFT Collection; an NFT Fashion Brand, Blkburd Genes, a design company composed of scientists, technologists, educators and designers all with a strong commitment to storytelling, aesthetics and sustainability; Manny Jackson, a conceptualist, designer, and founder of Thread Haus Co. a movement that creates sustainable, multipurpose, multi-functional apparel and accessories that are gender neutral. The Bailey Twins, Tevin and Tylor Bailey, all around creatives and visionaries, ranging from Visual artists to Models and Actors. Chelsea Quintela, co-founder and co-creator of 50MM Collective, an NFT Art Collective that provides resources and opportunities to historically underserved communities, focusing on BIPOC LGBTQIA artists. Bee Davies, founder of Hive — VirtualFashion, an NFT Marketplace for luxury fashion, to name a few. Furthermore, these influential speakers will exhibit their NFT fashion designs while establishing Web3 Education. Adding to the roster of speakers and sponsors is an expert in the field of transactional legal services for NFTs and the Web3. ICOLaw’s founder, Emanuel Orlando, will be discussing legal matters pertaining to Web3.

Moreover, Axel Arzola, a creative producer at Impact Theory Studios, a leading media company in the NFT space led by Tom Bilyeu and founder of Red Axe Media known for the film Literary Ink will also be a featured speaker discussing the emerging Film3 community. OC FASHION WEEK® is made possible by it’s supporting sponsors @AstonMartinNewportBeach @DawsonColeFineArt @drinkbev

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KYRIAKI - Katie Chonacas

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