NFT Podcast: PRIDE & FEMPOWER Alexis Androulakis & Christina Basias

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2 min readJun 30, 2022
  • Christina: At the core of Christina’s involvements is the passion to creatively solve problems of inequity & improve access to empowering education. Christina currently serves as the Deputy Director of Citywide Ed Tech for the New York City Department of Education. She has a Ph.D. in Urban Education and Technology and Pedagogy, where she researched roadblocks to teaching and learning as it pertains to digital spaces and how partnerships across institutions can creatively solve problems together. As an educational technologist, intersectional feminist & advocate, Christina synergized her passions into Fempower Beauty, a new-age affirming beauty brand, with her partner Alexis. As a researcher, Christina has been recently excited by the potential of web 3 and metaverse spaces and regularly engages with builders and innovators across education and entrepreneurship.
  • Alexis: Alexis is the co founder of @fempowerbeauty where they build beauty products and experiences to affirm and uplift alongside her signature beauty “self love” healing workshops. Alexis co-founded Fempower with her partner in business and in life, and doubles as a celebrity brand strategist and product development guru. She is actively building and exploring all the intersections web3 and NFT’s can offer to transform traditional beauty and take it to levels that will reinvent beauty standards. Welcome to Club Fempower and the Makeup of the Metaverse.

Future of Fempower:

  • “Club Fempower” and how we plan to transition our business into web3 while building a bridge that will forever remain open to web two.
  • What if feels like to be a web2 biz that wants to evolve into web3. Being queer founders, partners in business and in love. Exploring avenues to grow our platform of and spread our mission of shaking up the beauty industry and standards.
  • We are building with ISG in 2D and 3D in Somnium Space — -to revolutionize the beauty industry. Immersive affirming beauty experiences that will change the way you perceive beautiful and yourself!

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