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Natasha Graziano is passionate about helping people transform their lives through neuroscience and ancient wisdom combined. She is the ‘number 1 female motivational speaker under 40’ as seen in Forbes Magazine and a top female mindset coach by Business Insider.

With over 15 Million followers on social media it makes her one of the most influential thought leaders today.

From a homeless, broke, single mum Natasha transformed her life and is now a best selling Author and speaks on stages alongside the lakes of Gary vee, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins to name just a few.

Natasha‘s story began as a Social media influencer where she gained huge popularity online promoting top brands and to date has worked with Viome, NORD VPN, Betterhelp, Estée Lauder, Balmain and many more leading tech companies which lead her to becoming a leading social media marketing expert.

Natasha is the host of The Law Of Attraction podcast which has had over 100 Million Views and is ranked in the ‘Top 10 podcasts to download in 2021’ by Influenciv magazine.

Natasha is the creator of the renowned MBS Method (Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity) — your transformation to a greater life which comprises ancient breathing techniques & Meditation in altered states of consciousness and is rooted in neuroscience. Her knowledge has gained over 1 Billion Views and helped many transform their lives.

Natasha has been seen in The New York Times, Wealth Insider, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, on the BBC, Business Insider, Vogue, Forbes, USA today & many more top tier publications.

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