NFT Podcast: Artist Visual Thinker Creative Problem Solver with Kindred Hearts Creative Director Jeannine Penn

KYRIAKI - Katie Chonacas
2 min readJul 19, 2022

In this epic episode, we share on “Kindred Hearts” as a first generative project and why it’s important.

  • Women in NFT’s … are strengths and challenges — the rally cry.
  • The challenges & rewards of being an artist/ creator.
  • Lessons I have learned the last year that might be helpful to someone else and so much more!

Jeannine Penn is a Creative Director, Artist, Designer, Visual Thinker, Creative Problem Solver, NFT Artist and humanitarian. Currently, Jeannine is working on her own art exploring legacy art as well as creative directing her first NFT generative project, “Kindred Hearts” by Favrit. The mission is to financially empower under-resourced communities and causes with art, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. The project is just beginning and has already successfully donated more than $40K to charities and includes 50 + artists.

(NFT Minting is live @

Jeannine’s career and life have always been centered in the space between design and art. Growing up in the NYC metropolitan area, her creative philosophy was informed by time in NYC’s Soho galleries, the MOMA, Museum of Contemporary Crafts and anywhere else she could take in art and design. Jeannine has worked as a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Event Planner & Artist for various companies including: HBO, Grey Entertainment and TWBA/Chiat Day. She has received numerous awards throughout her career. She is a strong believer in charitable giving and making the world a better place.

Jeannine lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, giant puppy, cat and sometimes tortoise.

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