Alan Steele is Unconditionally Constitutional at the Westwood Gallery in NYC — a Solo Exhibition

Alan Steele, Untitled, 2020

What a beautiful way to burst into 2021 with an inspiring solo exhibition! I’ve had the grand pleasure of befriending Alan Steele. Alan is a humanitarian, poet, very kind, very thoughtful, educated, a lover of international music, and a true artist. It’s so amazingly mind-blowing how he does it, his process, the materials he uses and being able to witness a fine artist in motion. Steele certainly knows how to make space for his art which I know from experience and from other struggling artists a lot of the time is a very difficult thing to do. I really admire Alan and his dedication to his craft. I look up to him as a mentor and friend. I find in life it has been very helpful to find mentors and people to look up to for guidance, hope, and emotional support.

In the first quarter of 2020 in March, when COVID put us all into a lockdown, Alan shared with me he was preparing for a solo exhibition, and here we are! It was truly a transformational time in all of our lives and Steele went within to come out up and strong. I am so thrilled to share with you Alan Steele: Unconditionally Constitutional, a solo exhibition by New York artist Alan Steele at Westwood Gallery NYC

Alan has been developing his craft as an artist for so many years so he knows himself pretty well to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Alan has a studio in the city and two years ago acquired another much larger space in the Hamptons as there are fewer distractions from the city life. It’s better for focus, mental health, and peace. Steele established himself during the early 1970s as a minimalist painter working with mathematical formulae projected on a grid. I have seen the original grid!! Alan foresaw the limitations of minimal art and painting, so he soon began to build an intricate fragmentary language as the basis for his work to come.

Developed in 1974, he started an architectural project, totally theoretical, derived from the problem of “what is a labyrinth and how would one design one?” resulting in a complex labyrinth that was based on a matrix becoming the basis for Steele’s future work, a source he continuously references to generate new structures. Alan Steele is the epitome of creativity, productivity while being able to manage a healthy state of mind, body, soul, and have success as an artist! I mean what is the true meaning of a successful artist? It’s not how famous you are, it’s not how much money one has but it’s everything Alan has fully become and I admire him greatly.

Alan gratefully spent much of his childhood in the West Indies, South America, and Southeast Asia, as well as traveling the world which gifted him a very open mind in search of rare tribal artifacts and mythical cultures, Steele is compelled to explore the ‘act of being’ in his artwork. Alan loves history and his artistry is a quest to understand theories of knowledge, and the basic relationship of objects, and their attachment to tradition, culture, and global divergence. Alan is an intentional purposeful human being with the drive to support and enrich others day to day and through his art.

Interpretation and identity from Alan: “Can a work of art survive the world? Can the “act of being” be unconditionally constitutional in an incomplete world? Art is the reminder of every attained mode of organization to which man is committed, and through which he defines himself. Consequently, art can be emotionally moving. Its emotion is not the primary violence of instinct, but the much more profound feeling with which we contemplate the structural and organized truth. Art can disclose only what is endowed with a prior discipline and imagination. It asserts and proclaims the modes of imagination and the ordered infinity of non-aesthetic aspects of the experience.”

Alan’s newest works completed during the COVID- 19 shutdowns presents the COVID-19 genome sequence in conversation with his abstraction.

Steele’s work is constantly processing and reanalyzing fragments to present their complex interplay, his analytic eye continuously reinventing a richly poetic and mathematic language. Nature takes its course; it’s as if all humans beings are being and doing just that without even knowing it.

A TRUE ARTIST to say the least!

If you are in NYC visit the Westwood Gallery on Bowery.

Learn more and view the artwork online WESTWOOD GALLERY

I know for a fact you will love and be moved by Alan’s works of poetry. Now more than ever we all need to be uplifted and shifted into colorful grace.

Alan Steele was born in Caracas, Venezuela, grew up in the West Indies, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Australia, Philippines, India, and South Africa, received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts and MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. He studied with Jo Bare, Robert Mangold, and Castro Cid, finding affinity with early minimal and conceptual art, such as Ad Reinhardt, John McLaughlin, Robert Irwin, Robert Barry, Will Insley, and Richard Artschwager. Later moved to the Bowery, was co-owner of Red Hook Fabricators in the 1980s, and worked as consultant and assistant to Arman, Claus Oldenburg, Robert Morris, Sol LeWitt, Barry La Va, Tom Wesselmann, & Will Insley. He is also an expert in ancient tribal cultures and is a curator of ethnographic art, from Africa, The Americas, Asia, Indonesia, and Oceania.

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