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NFT Artist KYRIAKI aka Katie Chonacas photo by Deb Lopez

Celebrating National Poetry Month 2021 you definitely want to tune in and listen to these amazing poets and musical guests on She’s All Over the Place Podcast.

Legends come together to create an epic original fantasy podcast series

Even a prophecy needs help — Streaming everywhere NOW!

In Aaru, a land torn apart by a fear of magic, and ruled by brutal mercenaries, two young friends leave the only home they’ve ever known to find the one who could save them all.

Produced by Shane Salk and William Holmes, Carcerem is a completely original audio drama series featuring a full cast, original music, and immersive sound design. More like a movie than an audio play, this captivating fantasy series puts you in the middle of the action.

William Holmes and Shane Salk on set 2021

Featuring sword fights, monster attacks, giant battles, heartbreak, and humor, Carcerem

Mental Health, Physical and Psychological Health

1. Know your Human Design? Ever heard of it? I jump in with Sonia Petecka to support and educate you on the Human Design. You will love the insightful episode. Listen to the episode you can find out how to take actionable steps to know your Human Design for free!

Sonia’s mission is to help people connect to who they authentically are and start creating a life that feels abundant and fulfilling. According to Petecka’s Human Design, her energy needs to move outward and provoke talent, leadership, purpose, and spirit in others. Sonia’s passion is working with people one on one and customizing the tools she uses for each person’s unique needs. Blog Post

Human Design and Personal Growth with Sonia Petcka on She’s All Over the Place Video click here

Listen to the audio podcast here on Apple Podcasts or any other podcast streaming platforms click here

Sonia Petecka

2. Blissful Living 4 U — Detoxification and Cleansing Energy with Rochel Marie Lawso‪n

Known as the Queen of Feeling Fabulous, Rochel Marie Lawson is a successful business owner, registered nurse, Ayurvedic health…

Hello Caroline! Thank you SO much for sharing, I truly apologize for just seeing this NOW! I have found the free app "myNoise" to be very useful. In addition, I will go into the bathroom if I am in public and run cool water under my wrists for about 2-5 minutes, also patting cool water on my face and on the back of my neck. When I am home, I remove by a hot shower, lighting a candle, allow self to take a nap to let "it" the emotions pass bc it can be very draining! Caroline Myss is a…

Alan Steele, Untitled, 2020

What a beautiful way to burst into 2021 with an inspiring solo exhibition! I’ve had the grand pleasure of befriending Alan Steele. Alan is a humanitarian, poet, very kind, very thoughtful, educated, a lover of international music, and a true artist. It’s so amazingly mind-blowing how he does it, his process, the materials he uses and being able to witness a fine artist in motion. Steele certainly knows how to make space for his art which I know from experience and from other struggling artists a lot of the time is a very difficult thing to do. I really admire…

What all children need to be aware of for safety & protection.

The project is the brain-child of Linda Cabot, a key person of the documentary, I AM JANE DOE

I Am Little Red is narrated by Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain, I AM LITTLE RED, is a 10-minute animated short aimed at children most at-risk for sex trafficking (e.g. foster-care, runaway, LGBTQ, homeless, & adopted children), with the goal of prevention & awareness. The film is a contemporary re-imagining of the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, & addresses the four primary tactics a “wolf” (trafficker/pimp) will typically use to lure a Little Red off her/his path.

I AM LITTLE RED is written by Academy Award nominee Alec Sokolow (Toy Story); Mary Mazzio (director of I AM JANE…

In Joshua Tree on September 15th 2018, The Bhakti Fest Group long known for its tradition of offering the best in yoga, sacred music, and conscious teachings, is thrilled to announce the special appearance of Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D., co-founder of JIYO.com, at its 10-year anniversary celebration this September. Dr. Chopra, a world-renowned leader in mindfulness practices will lead a global meditation event from Bhakti Fest’s main stage. Dr. Chopra will also participate in a variety of activities at Bhakti Fest, offering a full day of special events including a workshop, panel and global meditation.

Deepak Chopra Joins Bhakti Fest’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

What does Shatki mean? The female principle of divine energy, especially when personified as the supreme deity. — Shakti

Woman Empowerment at the Vail Film Festival with GMC 2018

Kathryn Bigelow may be one of the most respected female film directors in the entertainment industry. Bigelow’s latest film Detroit blew minds and built so much movement within one’s own soul. I know first hand because I was invited to one of the first film screenings at the DGA in Hollywood, CA.

Speaking of powerful woman, I had the opportunity to meet the all female GMC team in Vail, CO. GMC is all about hospitality, professionalism, quality, education and safety. The Vail Film Festival has dedicated their fest to Woman Empowerment month.

The seeker, the truth with Billy Carson

Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge.com.

We had the pleasure of meeting and catching up with Billy Carson at The Conscious Life Expo 2018 in Los Angelescheck out this video to get the scoop!

Carson is an expert host on the new original streaming series by Gaia named Deep Space. The series is an exploration of the “Secret Space Program” and the types of technologies being used along with their potential origins. Carson is also an expert host on Gaia’s original series, Ancient Civilizations. A team of renowned scholars has come together to decipher the riddle of…

Let’s Juice it up!

I did my first juice cleanse! It was pretty intense, pretty exciting and pretty radical of all the different thoughts I had leading up to the cleanse, during and reflecting after! Juicing helps with nutrients that fast track through the digestive system and provides minerals, vitamins and more!

People and online have so many inputs on cleanses. Personally from my experience, I think it’s best to listen to our hearts, bodies and our instincts. They know best and will know the perfect juice cleanse for you! I did a three day cleanse to start, to test…

KYRIAKI - Katie Chonacas

SAG-AFTRA Actor & Voiceover Actor with a broadcast quality home studio - Host of She’s All Over the Place Podcast

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